AIICO Capital is a leading investment management firm in Nigeria. We help our clients build a financially secure future. We help clients plan and invest to achieve a target objective (house, start a business, meet obligations, generate returns), build a cushion for a rainy day, and build and manage wealth for the next generations.

Our investment approach is an active process built on careful and thorough fundamental analysis of opportunities that provides the best balance of protection against loss, satisfactory return and income to match future obligations.

Our clients trust us to help them to meet their immediate and future financial goals. Through thorough research and analyses covering time, trends and various investment classes, we provide personalized investment options and advice that helps our clients to make smart financial choices.

Our investment options include:

  • Managed Portfolio
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income Investments


1. Meet current obligations/benefit payments

  • Investment income vs outgos and obligations
  • Liquidity of portfolio to meet benefits/payments as and when due

2. Meet future benefit payments and liabilities

  • Future investment income and asset values vs obligations and liabilities
  • Asset quality – credit, liquidity, low market risks
  • Income and return vs long term inflation
  • Risk management – desired return at prudent level of risk

3. Focus on mid-to-long term superior investment performance

  • Monitor relative performance on a quarterly basis and annual basis, but focus on 1 year (for Short term portfolios), 3, 5, 10 year periods (for the mid-to-long term portfolios)

4. Key measures

  • Comparative benchmark
  • Long term inflation
  • Actuarial rate of return
  • Peer performance
  • Risk quality of assets


We offer managed portfolio services to clients via an investment account, from which client investments are managed on a discretionary basis, in line with pre-agreed client objectives, and returns measured against standard pre-agreed benchmarks. This is our biggest service – with Assets under Management of ca. NGN 75billion as at 30 September 2018


AIICO Capital provides fund management services through management of 2 SEC-registered collective investment schemes:

  1. AIICO Money Market Fund – a leading A+ rated (GCR) money market fund in Nigeria, and
  2. AIICO Balanced Fund – an award winning, actively managed open-ended Fund that invests primarily in equities, government securities, fixed deposit, fixed income securities. Winner of the Mixed Fund of the Year Award at the Business Day Banking and Financial Institutions 2018 Awards.


We offer fixed income investments to clients under different products:

  1. Guaranteed Treasury Note (Local currency and United States Dollars)
  2. Investments in Federal Government of Nigeria Treasury Bills and Bonds (Local Currency)
  3. Investments in Eurobonds (United States Dollars)