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About Non-Discretionary Managed Portfolio

The AIICO Capital Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management provides the flexibility to meet your requirements precisely, a choice of investment services options could be considered, so that you can choose how actively you wish to play in the management of your investment. Further flexibility comes from the choice of asset class and instruments available, including Equities, Bonds, Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, and alternative assets.

By helping with the development and implementation of an investment strategy, we provide you with necessary market related information gathered through quality research by our analysts. This enables us to offer you sound advice on asset allocation and diversification and has earned us our enviable track record in investment management.

Our relationships and partnerships in the industry provides the benefit of dealing with major market players in negotiating bulk trades at relatively competitive rates to the benefit of our clients.


Benefit of Investing

Below are some of the benefit of our Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

Capital Preservation

Our capital preservation strategy aims to prevent losses, maintain capital and keep pace with inflation.

Competitive Returns

We provide competitive returns on your investment based on market and portfolio performance .

Portfolio Diversification

we invest in different asset classes and securities in order to minimize the overall risk of the portfolio.

Online Access

We will provide you with 24/7 access to your investment account through our web-portal

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The Fund invests a 100% of its portfolio in money market instruments (such as treasury bills, commercial papers, banker’s acceptance e.t.c.)

30 days minimum holding period

The penalty for redeeming within the minimum holding period is 20% on the accrued income.

The minimum investment amount is N1,000,000.00



Capital Preservation

Stable and Guaranteed Income


Fill the Account Opening Form and email [email protected] with the following documentation. Please note that you are not required to make payment at this stage. Below is a list of items you are to submit with the subscription form;

One passport photograph for each applicant

A government issued identity card (national ID card, Driver’s license, International Passport, Voter’s card etc.)

Proof of address showing your name/surname

The account will be opened within one business day and your e-account number will be sent to you via email

Upon receipt of the e-account number, transfer the amount to be invested to the designated bank account (find below) using your e-account number as reference/remark etc.



AMMF Subscription FormMutual Fund30 06 2021pdf
ABF SUBSCRIPTION FORMMutual Fund30 06 2021pdf
EMAIL INDEMNITY FORMAll Products30 06 2021pdf
CRS Individual Self-Declaration FormRegulatory01 01 2022pdf
CRS Corporate Self-Declaration FormRegulatory01 01 2022pdf
AIICO Euro Bond Subscription FormMutual Fund26 02 2024pdf

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Our Service Offerings

Our clients trust us to help them to meet their immediate and future financial goals. Through thorough research and analyses covering time, trends and various investment classes, we provide personalized investment options and advice that helps our clients to make smart investment decisions.

Managed Portfolio

Client's investments are managed on a discretionary basis, in line with pre-agreed client objectives.

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Mutual Fund

2 collective investment schemes: AIICO Money Market Fund and AIICO Balanced Fund

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Guaranteed Income Note

Guaranteed Treasury Note, Investments in FGN Treasury Bills and Bonds

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Reach out to us on any of our investment options.

Reach out to us on any of our investment options.

Reach out to us on any of our investment options.


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